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Practical Tactical Advice To Attract Quality New Patients

Kelly_Larson-thumbnail2Today more than ever, to grow a successful dental practice you need business and marketing savvy. In addition to honing your clinical skills, dentists must also learn how to grow their businesses, keep a steady flow of new patients, evaluate marketing opportunities, and manage their internet visibility.

And, with the plethora of dental agencies vying for your business, it can even be confusing who and what to believe. No one knows these challenges better than Kelly Larson.

Kelly helps APM practices with practical, tactical advice to make the most of their marketing dollars. As the Marketing Director of a fast-paced cosmetic dentistry practice and then a consultant for more than 200 dental practices across the Midwest, Kelly is a reliable resource to help you make informed marketing decisions and maximize your efforts for new patient growth and retention.

Common Dental Marketing Questions:

  • Is my web presence up to date?
  • How do I keep up with Google’s constant changes?
  • How do get more online reviews? What is the best way to ask my patients?
  • What is SEO anyway? Do I need to hire a company to do that for me, too?
  • Do I need to have someone on my team in charge of Facebook? What are the benefits of having a social practice?
  • Should I still run my Yellow Pages ad?
  • How do I improve my website so it actually attracts new patients?
  • I don’t even have a website yet. Where do I start?!
  • How do I track the effectiveness of all that we are trying?
  • Can you prepare my team so they are ready to confidently handle new patient calls?

And the list goes on…

Kelly Makes Marketing Manageable

From maximizing your practice’s online presence to choosing which effective marketing and advertising campaigns and training front office team, you can rely Kelly to maximize your potential for new patients. She has her ear to the ground to help keep you in the know and a step ahead of your competition. Bottom line, she will help you to refine your marketing efforts and internal systems and bring new patients to your office.

How Can Kelly Help Your Dental Practice?

Every practice is unique. Some dental practices have a team member who is assigned to coordinate the marketing. Some offices hire expensive marketing firms that don’t know the first thing about the dental industry. And, in some practices, the dentists try to handle all of the marketing functions themselves on top of managing a team, running a business and treating patients. We see it all and customize our services to meet your needs.

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Dental Marketing Mentor

Stay in-the-know with the pertinent internet developments and dental marketing news that affects your dental practice.

No hype, no gimmicks.
Just tried and true advice.


[panel type=”info” heading=”Dr. Manuel Englander, Edina, MN”]
englander“I trust APM’s advice because I know they want what is best for the growth and health of my practice.”things for our business takes a lot of pressure off my shoulders. With APM on our team I don’t need to worry about marketing our practice. I know it is getting done!” [/panel] [panel type=”info” heading=”Nancy Rathjen, Northpointe Dental Care, Blaine, MN”]“Having Kelly as a consultant has relieved lots of stress for us, knowing that the things we want done are getting done on time and without a hitch. We often find ourselves saying, “let’s ask Kelly about that.” We’re very pleased with the progress that you have made on our website, our rankings on Google and SEO. We are so happy we have you to help us through all of our questions and concerns regarding our marketing strategies. ” [/panel]