How It Works

Every Dental Practice Is Different.

So We Never Use A Canned Approach.

We work with your unique resources to address the issues that are important to you.

The art of management is getting the biggest possible bang for your buck. We know how to leverage your and your staff’s time to get the best outcome for your patients, your practice and yourself.

We know how to help you deal with PPO’s, staff hassles and the countless other aggravations of a practice. With our experience and know how, you’ll be surprised how easy it can be.



What Challenges Face Your Dental Practice?

You Name It, We Have Dealt With It!

We are involved in the on-going management of over 250 practices. Each month data on over $30,000,000 worth of dental activity hits our desk.

Over the years we have helped our clients sort out personnel problems, make very smart moves when dealing with insurance companies and PPO’s, get a handle on their overhead, bring in more new patients and build quality practices.
Most importantly, we take an ethical approach to things. We do not pressure or manipulate our clients. We do not ask our clients to pressure or manipulate their patients. We aren’t canned and we don’t ask you to take a canned approach. We put you first just like you put your patients first. We know that successful practices focus on delivering the best possible care and experience for the patients and then busyness, profitability and other virtues of practice happen as a matter of course.

Ready To Talk About Your Situation?

hiw2The first step is a free, no-hassle, no-pressure consultation. Then, we will personalize a program to fit your needs and priorities. Call (952) 921-3360 today!

No Hype.
No Canned Program.
We Get Our Clients Results.

Our last 361 clients averaged an 23.7% increase in production.

Our last 135 new clients averaged an increases of $20,254 per month.

Our last 21 new clients averaged an increases of $27,120 per month.

You’re Just 20 Minutes Away From A Better Year.

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