Seminars for Your Dental Team

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The best Dental Collections Seminar Available!

This perennial favorite is a must-attend for you and your team. Dealing with patients, money and insurance is something you have to do every day so why not do it well? And, it takes the whole team!

Take the confusion out of dental fees and insurance so your patients follow through on treatment and your schedule stays full.

APM’s Bill Rossi and Shelly Ryan are well-known in the industry for their entertaining seminars for dental teams. They provide practical and useful information in an upbeat, ready to implement format. Regular topics include:

  • Effective scheduling
  • Collections & financial arrangements
  • Communication skills & effective team building
  • Dental Insurance and PPOs

Contact our office if you would like to be informed of upcoming seminar dates.


Below are sneak peeks to some of our more popular seminars. Stay tuned for dates and times of upcoming seminars. If you would like to learn more, please contact our office.

Dentistry Uncensored with Bill Rossi and Howard Farran


Bill Rossi on Clinical Calibration

Clarifying your Clinical protocols is the ethical basis for practice success. How an non-sales approach can lead to great patient follow through ,case acceptance and increase practice production.

PPO Plays

How to decide when to join or not join a PPO

How to negotiate with PPOs

How and when to leave a PPO..”Keep the Patients..Lose the discounts.”

Seminar Clips:

PPO Plays: Make the Right Moves

Collections Made Comfortable

What Do You Say When?

Between You & Your Bottom Line: Insurance & PPOs


What Our Participants Say About Shelly:

Kelly Plante, Dental Assistant
“It was a great seminar. The speaker was full of energy and great ideas on a hard subject to discuss.”
Amy, Dr. Benjamin Hardy's Office - Nebraska, NE
“Our team attended your seminar in Nebraska. What a wealth of knowledge you shared!”
Carl Schreiner, DDS
“Engaging, comprehendible presentation on the least favorite aspect of dentistry.”
Dr. Keith Ritter, Hoisington, KS
“A must.”
Laurie Acuna
“Excellent phone skills and new patient techniques.”
Joyce Roppe, Gilbert, MN
“I’ve been in collections for 20 years and this was the best seminar I have attended. I gave a 5 rating for overall presentation. This was just excellent!”
Sara Brown, Administrator
“Very informative and interesting.”
Claudia Essman, Eagle Lake, MN
“I like the soft sell approach for financial arrangements. We used to have hard core. Our office is so much better now because of this soft sell!”
Dr. Brick Scheer
“Shelly does a very good job, especially the parts about making patients comfortable in all areas of the practice.”
Deanne, All Family Dental, Drs. Timm and Schultz
“Shelly keeps it interesting and encourages questions.”
Adam Petty, DDS, New Prague, MN
“Enjoyed the tips on how to communicate with patients. It’s a good seminar and worthwhile to attend.”
Leslie, Administrator
“Shelly is a very informative and interesting speaker. She keeps information rolling without a dull moment. Great new ideas!”
Gayle Hanson, Maple Grove, MN
“Shelly has real experience with handling situations from a clinical staff point of view and administrative position. She’s easy to trust!”
Rosemary McDougall, Jamestown, ND
“Reenforces the importance of teamwork and kindness.”
Mary Chapman, Otsego, MN
“Honest communication with patients! Shelly kept things moving.”
Mary Ann Grooters, Administrator
“Really, really applies to my everyday work. Definitely recommended to other offices.”
Elise Redmond, Edina, MN
“Shelly is wonderful! I learned a lot!”
Dr. Michael Dold
“I can’t believe I enjoyed a collection seminar! This is information all of your staff needs to know.”
Jessica Smith, Otsego, MN
“Shelly involves everyone. You don’t feel that you’re being “talked at” in her seminar. Very useful information and time well spent. The speaker was very knowledgeable in the field and was very outgoing and fun. Thoroughly enjoyed.”
Dr. Joe Steven, Jr., KISCO
“I took my three business administrators to see Shelly Ryan with every intention of leaving them there at lunch while I went golfing. After the morning session, there was no way I wanted to leave. This meeting has something for every member of your team. If you get a chance to see Shelly, you don’t want to miss her seminar!”
Rachel Hager, Eagle Lake, MN
“We were able to get different ideas/role playing on working with new patients. It was fabulous, except I wish our clinical staff was made to come as well.”
Peg Leplante
“Shelly is wonderful! I learned a lot!”
Elise Redmond, Edina, MN
“Awesome information. It was full of great information for a dental practice.”
Dan Lam, DDS, Brooklyn Park, MN
“Loved the energy and communication style of Shelly. Come and enjoy it!”
R.H. Killjan, D.D.S.
“Ms. Shelly Ryan presented a range of information.”
Julie Przybyslki, Gilbert, MN
“Shelly had a great sense of humor and was fun to listen to. She had great ideas! Great seminar!”
Moriah Loots, New Hope, MN
“Definitely worth the financial investment and time.”
Allan Nalbor, D.D.S.
“Enthusiastic, organized, on time. Practical knowledge.”
Pam Tiedemann, Worthington, MN
“Very informative – go!”
Nancy McFarland
“You were peppy and funny! Gave us useful information for daily use.”
Monica Blackwell, RDH
“Very informative, smooth speaker. Loved it and that’s not easy to say about all CE seminars.”
Silvia Delfi
“It was very informative and helpful for every practice.”
Sarah Conway, Eden Prairie, MN
“Shelly presents herself as a real person not a robot whose only purpose is to repeat information. She also provides handouts so you can take the information home and reference it later. It was a personal, fun learning experience.”
Dr. Tony Wakim, Wichita, KS
“Great job and useful information and ready to use!”
Dr. Michael Dold, Wichita, KS
“I wish I would have had more staff members come. I cannot believe that I enjoyed a collection protocol seminar.”
Lisa Anderson, Cando, MN
“Enjoyed the openness of the seminar. It was wonderful, very informative and very educational.”
Mark Olsen, D.D.S.
“Very useful information that can be incorporated into our office next week.”
LuAnn Asleson, Brookings, SD
“Relaxing atmosphere, helpful suggestions, very worthwhile seminar. I’m glad we were here! This seminar was great! Shelly is a great motivator and speaker. Thank you.”
“The interaction between speaker and audience was great. Very informative – helpful in presenting different and difficult situations to patients.”
Marissa Ray, Eden Prairie, MN
“Shelly’s entertaining and allows us to laugh at frustrating situations.”
Michelle Mallin
“This advice really does work!! I am so glad that I came and can’t wait for our next huddle. I learned so much. Thank you.”
Annette Schmaus, Estherville, IA
“Very informative and interesting seminar!”
Dr. Pamela McCullough, Newton, KS
“Our entire staff attended and found it very informative. Shelly Ryan is a skilled and knowledgeable presenter.”
Stacie Chaplinski, Grand Forks, ND
“Shelly is wonderful! I learned a lot!”
Elise Redmond, Edina, MN
“Thanks for all the information. I’m new to the front desk and appreciate the effort and the time. It’s been a great tool in the office!”
Rae Evenson, Houston, MN
“Very enthusiastic presenter. Pleasant, very knowledgeable and acknowledged each participant! Very current and pertinent to our practice.”
Kris Schmanski, Brookings, SD
“This gives me confidence that we’ll be able to move more patients into treatment.”