We get more results for more clients than all other consulting firms in our state combined. Because each dental practice is different, we never use a canned approach.

“It became a time in my career where I was sick of being abused by dental insurance. My accountant gets paid fairly, my electrician gets paid fairly, my computer guys get paid fairly. I balance my fees so they are fair, so why was I having to give 20% or more of my fees up because my patients have discount insurance plans? I didn’t pick their plans.I came across Bill Rossi’s website and contacted him. What was impressive was that we made a decision to drop out of network with the largest dental insurance provider in my area. I didn’t do it emotionally, we did it mathematically. Bill breaks down exactly how my office was doing compared to the average office. He breaks down how many patients are on insurance plans. He gives you a realistic view on potential loss of patients AND potential increase in revenue with changing network status. So here I am 2 years later after becoming 100% fee for service. The dream of every dentist. I just want to do great work for my patients and get paid fairly. Turns out that patients come to me because they like the care they get. Yes, some patient left after changing status, BUT way more stayed and now my dental insurance chains are off. I can’t thank Bill enough. Dentists are smart professionals, we just need to do some basic second grade math and take emotion out of insurance choices.”
Dr. Stephen Saunders
(Waupaca Dental Excellence)
“I enlisted Bill Rossi’s help in October of 2018 after listening to his podcast with Dentaltown’s Howard Farran. His thorough analysis and strategic game plan allowed us to drop 6 PPO insurance plans and be in a great position to handle the pandemic. I am so grateful for Bill. He’s a great guy who is always available and willing to help. I highly recommend him to any dentist who is thinking about dropping PPOs.”
Aileen Helton D.D.S
Carmel, IN
“When we were considering dropping Delta it was nerve wracking, but it was worth it.”
Dr. Angela Offord & Dr. Tracy Toft
Stewartville Family Dentistry, Stewartville MN
“Bill helped us navigate the PPO insurance picture. This saved us money in the form of reduced write offs and helped us get a better handle on things generally.”
Dr. Shauna Gammage
Decatur, GA
“Bill helped us navigate the PPO insurance picture. This saved us money in the form of reduced write offs and helped us get a better handle on things generally.”
Dr Alan May
“We are very pleased with Advanced Practice Management. Bill Rossi and his team helped us work through the insurance network process. After a year of working together we have decreased the number of insurance plans we are in network with and increased our the fee schedules for some of the insurances we are in network with. Thank you Bill and your team for all your help.”
Dr. Paul Keelan
Bulter, PA
“I feel like we have great confidence dropping insurance in the future as a result of all your guidance.”
Dr Nate Henderson
“Bill Rossi was referred to me by a colleague that is a huge proponent of FFS dentistry where it is about quality of care not the quantity of care. That referral was the first step in getting my practice, and me, to achieve some goals I had set a long time ago. Bill systematically went through a ton of information and determined that we were in fact ready for the next step and that moving in a FFS direction wouldn’t be practice suicide. Then he laid out the steps I needed to take on a timeline. Finally, he came in and coached my entire team on how to go through with our transition, deal with patient concerns effectively. We were well prepared and then he stood in the background and coached us from afar when various little questions/issues arose. Overall, thanks to Bill and his team, we are almost 100% FFS!!! (We choose to stay in-network with 2 insurers for personal reasons.) We have managed to effectively navigate the muddy waters and come out on the other side practicing dentistry the way we WANT to practice dentistry. Thank you, Bill!!!”
Dr. Tina Theroux
North Grafton, MA
“I think most dentists have a lot of trepidation when it comes to freeing themselves of the restraints of dental insurance. It’s difficult to remove the emotion from the decision-making process, but Bill Rossi was able to do that for me. He will objectively analyze your situation and shoot straight with you on the best way to proceed, based on his many years of experience.”
Dr Chris Leiszler
Baldwin City, KS
“By careful analysis, Bill took the emotion out of the decision and showed us angles we had not thought of. We were able to significantly reduce write offs on a couple of the plans we participated with which certainly helps the bottom line.”
Dr. Smaltz
Newnan Georgia