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Advanced Practice Management
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Advanced Practice Management, LLC (APM) is the leading upper Midwest dental practice management consulting firm. Since 1990 it has helped hundreds of dentists and their teams organize and prosper. APM delivers more consulting services to dentists in this area than all other practice management companies combined. This gives APM an adept and wide frame of reference in advising dentists on all aspects of practice management, including practice transitions. APM Practice Transitions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Advanced Practice Management.


Matt Lahn

  • Over 24 years in the dental industry
  • Extensive experience over the past 20 years in the ongoing management of hundreds of dental practices including:
    • Practice Mergers
    • Practice Acquisitions
    • Practice Sales
    • Associate Management
    • Appraisals
    • Day-to-Day operations
    • Staff Training
  • Education
    • Augsburg College Minneapolis, MN
    • U of M Duluth, MN RDH

Bill Rossi

Bill Rossi has over 35 years of experience in dental practice management. He and his associates are actively involved in the ongoing management of over 250 practices. They deliver more results to more clients in the upper Midwest than all other consulting firms combined. Bill says, “Each month we monitor over 30 million dollars worth of dental activity. Each year we do over 600 on-site consultations. This gives us a deep and wide frame of reference.

“Our clients expect straight talk and good results and that is what they get. We know how to bring out the best in you and your staff to get things done. We promise we will never pressure you or ask you to pressure your patients. You will never be locked into a contract. You will not be subjected to boring meetings and canned programs. You will receive top-notch management support. You will be in control of what happens in your practice.