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Meet the APM Team

We know this area and the challenges you face. We get more results for more clients than all other consulting firms in our state combined. We never use a canned approach.

Bill Rossi

Bill Rossi has over 35 years of experience in dental practice management. He and his associates are actively involved in the ongoing management of over 250 practices. They deliver more results to more clients in the upper Midwest than all other consulting firms combined. Bill says, “Each month we monitor over 30 million dollars worth of dental activity. Each year we do over 600 on-site consultations. This gives us a deep and wide frame of reference.

“Our clients expect straight talk and good results and that is what they get. We know how to bring out the best in you and your staff to get things done. We promise we will never pressure you or ask you to pressure your patients. You will never be locked into a contract. You will not be subjected to boring meetings and canned programs. You will receive top-notch management support. You will be in control of what happens in your practice.


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Shelly Ryan

fileShelly Ryan is a Registered Dental Assistant with more than 30 years of dental experience in clinical, front desk, office management, training and consulting.

Shelly often works as a player coach, side-by-side with administrative and clinical staff as an experienced colleague. Staffs respond well when Shelly works with them on verbal skills, communication, conflict resolution and accountability.

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Matt Lahn

Matt Lahn received his undergraduate training from Augsburg College, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and his Dental Hygiene Degree from the University of Minnesota, Duluth, DTC.

Matt has extensive experience working in both rural and urban practices. His background as an RDH supplements his skill set and helps him relate and connect with staff. He is also president of the APM Transitions Team.

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Heidi R. Benson

Heidi has worked in dentistry and healthcare since 1998. She began her career in an orthodontic practice and has nearly 20 years of experience in treatment coordination, dental systems, training and management for large and small practices.

Dental technology is a passion for Heidi. Her expertise in Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Open Dental, and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is invaluable when consulting and training with dental practices. Heidi also provides guidance to doctors and staff in the areas of patient and staff communication, finances, human resources, dental systems training, and overall practice management.

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Julia Smith

Julia has been in office management for over 18 years. When clients call the office, it is Julia they are most likely to hear on the other end of the phone line. She is responsible for overseeing and maintaining all aspects of APM’s office including staffing, employee training, client records, finances, client communications, seminars, and much more. She holds a degree from Concordia College, St. Paul, MN.

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Wendy Nelson

Wendy is APM’s data manager. As a former business analyst and project manager, she has extensive experience working with numbers and data. She is responsible for managing all monthly reporting and consistently provides clients with accurate and timely reports. In addition to her monthly reporting duties, Wendy assists with client communications, accounting, our annual survey, and other duties. She holds a business degree from the University of Minnesota, Duluth.

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Shannon Boynosky

Shannon is APM’s office assistant and helps with client communications, assisting with Monthly Manager Reports, accounting, phones, filing, bulletins and other duties to help the office flow. She holds liberal arts degrees from Metropolitan State University and Minnesota State University, Mankato.



Brooke Ackerman

As an efficient and personable Dental Hygienist, with a passion for educating and connecting with clients in areas that truly make a difference, Brooke is known for her ability to work as part of a dynamic team of professionals committed to excellence. Through implementation of custom, successful systems, she is able to maximize potential and create positive results by reintegrating each clients individual philosophy and goals to be able to give patients what they deserve: the absolute best dental care available.

Brooke has over 10 years of experience practicing clinically as a Dental Hygienist and holds a Master’s degree in Dental Hygiene, with a focus on Management through the U of MN/Carlson School of Business.

Robyn Theisen

Robyn Theisen brings a lifetime legacy of dental experience to her clients.

Her dental career accomplishments include Operational Leader of a practice that she helped grow from one dentist to five full-time associates in 10 years. She went on to be the Operations Manager for Patterson Dental, where she led a team of 62 staff to be Branch of the Year three times. Then she had the opportunity to be a Practice Advisor for Total Patient Service Institute (“TOPS”), and coached dental teams across the country. She currently leads four dental practices in the Minneapolis area as well as consulting with APM.

Robyn’s passion is empowering teams to realize they can dramatically impact the lives of the people they serve. She has done it for decades and does it every day with dental teams now. Dental professionals working with Robyn say she is personable, engaging, highly energetic, and a great coach.