We get more results for more clients than all other consulting firms in THE UPPER MIDWEST.

"Brooke is great. She is personable, both the staff and I enjoyed our time with her. APM helps clarify, and give actionable items for the team to focus on. During our meeting Brooke helped firm up criteria for s/rp, when to do prophys vs perio maint after s/rp, etc"
Dr. Baret Williams-Furfaro
Great River Dentistry, Bemidji, MN
"Interactive is helpful and Brooke was allowed us to talk amongst each other to come up with our own idea of how our office should run and only added input when needed and good suggestions, esp for things we were on the same page with. Loved her books and it allowed us to go at our own pace and then discuss the answers- was a really good idea vs PowerPoint and rushing"
Micah, LDH
“I was pretty sure that I wanted to go ahead with the Delta transitions, but Bill Rossi’s analysis and perspective gave give me the confidence in doing so.”
Dr. Stephanie Busch-Abbate
Gentle Dentistry, Kalamazoo, MI
“I had a lot of things going well with my practice, but I knew that we could be doing better. Especially after all the challenges of the last couple years, I felt like I owed it to my patients, my team, and myself to make sure we were firing on all cylinders. Shelly helped validate the things that we thought we were doing well, and she also has helped encourage us to get better in many areas. I am so pleased with the recommendations that she has made for our office.”
Dr. Brandon Ulstad
Madison, MN
“It became a time in my career where I was sick of being abused by dental insurance. My accountant gets paid fairly, my electrician gets paid fairly, my computer guys get paid fairly. I balance my fees so they are fair, so why was I having to give 20% or more of my fees up because my patients have discount insurance plans? I didn’t pick their plans.I came across Bill Rossi’s website and contacted him. What was impressive was that we made a decision to drop out of network with the largest dental insurance provider in my area. I didn’t do it emotionally, we did it mathematically. Bill breaks down exactly how my office was doing compared to the average office. He breaks down how many patients are on insurance plans. He gives you a realistic view on potential loss of patients AND potential increase in revenue with changing network status. So here I am 2 years later after becoming 100% fee for service. The dream of every dentist. I just want to do great work for my patients and get paid fairly. Turns out that patients come to me because they like the care they get. Yes, some patient left after changing status, BUT way more stayed and now my dental insurance chains are off. I can’t thank Bill enough. Dentists are smart professionals, we just need to do some basic second grade math and take emotion out of insurance choices.”
Dr. Stephen Saunders
(Waupaca Dental Excellence)
“We are very pleased with Advanced Practice Management. Bill Rossi and his team helped us work through the insurance network process. After a year of working together we have decreased the number of insurance plans we are in network with and increased our the fee schedules for some of the insurances we are in network with. Thank you Bill and your team for all your help.”
Dr. Paul Keelan
Bulter, PA
“Bill, I want to thank you and Matt for the good job you did in helping me with my practice transition. It has worked out very well for me and I feel my patients are and will be well taken care of.”
Dr Randy Julian
Apple Valley MN
“Everyone at APM is so great! We’ve been working with Heidi on our marketing campaigns and are more than thrilled! She is so thorough, explains everything in a way we all understand, and presents the information in an easy to read format. And we’re having great results!!! We can’t recommend APM and their services enough!”
Sara Riley
“We have had Heidi out to our clinic several times and she has been able to help us come up with solutions for our front desk team so that we are more efficient and productive. She is excellent at what she does.”
April Kalman
“Dear Bill, I would like to thank you for all the advice and help you have given to my staff and me over the past 15+ years. Your monthly statistics made me focus on the business management aspects of dentistry so that I could profitably enjoy practicing dentistry. Be it front desk, marketing or hygiene, your friendly staff worked diligently with my staff to develop protocols that were efficient and successful. This was done in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere! You and your staff were extraordinarily helpful when I developed some health issues, complicated by a new employee. Heidi helped train the financial coordinator and get her on a firm footing. Knowing you and your staff were available for help and advice was very reassuring. When the time came to sell my practice all the past years of your monthly reports made accessing the information for an appraisal fairly easy and immensely simplified the process. I appreciate the guidance you gave me over the years. I wish you the best! Thank you very much!”
Gerard J. Weingartner
DDS, Cottage Grove, MN
“The biggest achievement we’ve seen since working with Heidi has been reduced stress for the doctor and concurrent increase in production and collection totals.”
Dr. Steve Schwarten
Cambridge, MN
“Bill Rossi is one of the very best…”
Howard Farran
Founder, Dentaltown
“Heidi has helped us streamline the office and make things more efficient. We are using the computer for all financials and beginning to use it for recall. It is saving us time. She has a gentle push and is proactive.”
Jess office administrator
Cambridge, MN
“Bill helped tremendously when I was struggling to find the right path for my practice. I am about 6 months in since our first conversations and we have made several big changes in the practice for the better. The experience Bill brings to the table helped me be confident in making these decisions. We have reduced our PPO participation considerably and will be adding an associate soon. Thanks Bill and APM!”
Andrew Olsson
“We feel like we have greater motivation and direction in our practice. You are going to help us get things done!”
Vickie Patient Care Coordinator
Kell Dental Arts
“Matt knows my office and my team. Over the years, he has given us fantastic advice and we all look forward to his meetings.”
Dr. Charles Bridgeford
Grand Forks, ND
“Shelly and Bill have given us coaching and advice that has helped us have a strong growing practice. Their guidance was also very helpful in our decision to cut back on PPO participation last year and increase our collections by over $10,000 per month.”
Dr. Kirby Johnson
Spicer MN
“Matt’s been a big benefit to my office over the years – works well with my team. Matt has extensive experience working in both rural and urban practices. His background as an RDH supplements his skill set and helps him relate and connect with staff.”
Dr. Craig Adelmann
Savage, MN
“Bill Rossi and his crew have a good feel for the dental environment and what works. They are very helpful in keeping the team and myself focused and on track.”
Dr. Paul Johnson
Marshall, MN
“Matt has great ideas and systems that work well for us in a rural setting. He has a common sense, patient centered approach. Hire him!”
Dr. Jason Aanenson
Freeman, SD
“Matt pays for himself many times over.”
Dr. Casey Fines
Fargo, ND
“My monthly calls with APM help me to stay on top of my online marketing efforts. They know how to make practical sense of the data and then they work with my web company to assure that we are making the best use of our time and money to attract new patients. It is well worth every penny!”
Dr. Janet Calcagno
Rochester, MN
"I am so happy with my decision to go OON with Delta and working with you and Robyn"
Matthew S. Free , D.M.D.
Cheboygan, MI
“You laid out the plan and we have been working through it and it’s worked out well, plus we really haven’t seen that much of a loss of patients. We are still quite busy, maybe too busy.”
Drs. Brent & Christie McDonald
McDonald Family Dentistry, McCordsville, IN
“You and your team are a pleasure to work with. It's easy to get ahold of you. You are super helpful & knowledgeable in what you do. You have helped our office receive more in collections than we could have imagined! I'd recommend you to anyone!!”
Amanda G., Office Manager
Dr. Chen & Associates - Baltimore, MA
“You laid out the plan and we have been working through it and it’s worked out well, plus we really haven’t seen that much of a loss of patients. We are still quite busy, maybe too busy.”
Drs. Brent & Christie McDonald
McDonald Family Dentistry, McCordsville, IN
“Bill helped us keep a positive tone in context with patients, which has worked very well through our PPO transition.”
Leslie Polson, Office Manager
Meadows Family Dentistry - Castlerock, CO
“When we were considering dropping Delta it was nerve wracking, but it was worth it.”
Dr. Angela Offord & Dr. Tracy Toft
Stewartville Family Dentistry, Stewartville MN
“I enlisted Bill Rossi’s help in October of 2018 after listening to his podcast with Dentaltown’s Howard Farran. His thorough analysis and strategic game plan allowed us to drop 6 PPO insurance plans and be in a great position to handle the pandemic. I am so grateful for Bill. He’s a great guy who is always available and willing to help. I highly recommend him to any dentist who is thinking about dropping PPOs.”
Aileen Helton D.D.S
Carmel, IN
“I think most dentists have a lot of trepidation when it comes to freeing themselves of the restraints of dental insurance. It’s difficult to remove the emotion from the decision-making process, but Bill Rossi was able to do that for me. He will objectively analyze your situation and shoot straight with you on the best way to proceed, based on his many years of experience.”
Dr Chris Leiszler
“I think most dentists have a lot of trepidation when it comes to freeing themselves of the restraints of dental insurance. It’s difficult to remove the emotion from the decision-making process, but Bill Rossi was able to do that for me. He will objectively analyze your situation and shoot straight with you on the best way to proceed, based on his many years of experience.”
Dr Alan May
“I feel like we have great confidence dropping insurance in the future as a result of all your guidance.”
Dr Nate Henderson
“By careful analysis, Bill took the emotion out of the decision and showed us angles we had not thought of. We were able to significantly reduce write offs on a couple of the plans we participated with which certainly helps the bottom line..”
Christine Cavanaugh
Portsmouth Family Dentistry, Providence Rhode island
“We had Heidi come to our office and she was awesome! Her ideas were beneficial not only for the staff but for the doctors as well. She keeps us on track and continuously helping us to improve.”
Cathy Tigges
“Heidi Benson is my consultant. She gave me some advice about six months ago that has absolutely transformed my practice. We now have an absolutely, totally changed situation up at the front desk. It’s way better. Our accounts receivable is down by $180,000! It’s hard for me to say how valuable that information was for me personally and for the practice. Thank you.”
Mark T. Phillips DDS MS
Hermantown, MN
“What a wonderful team of professionals to enhance any dental practice! I have worked with Matt at several different offices and his insight has been invaluable. Thank you for creating engaging meetings and in helping us achieve great results!”
Dr. Megan Beuckens
Richfield, MN
“Shelly and the team at APM give me straight advise and help me see things in a different way – outside my “office box.” I learn something to put into play at every visit.”
Dr. Kurtis Huether
St. Francis, MN
“Over the last year I have had the pleasure of working with Matt through two separate practice transitions. Matt’s vast knowledge in practice management was essential when evaluating the practices and seeing the potential that each office possessed. I would highly recommend Matt for your practice transition.”
Dr. Charles Duchsherer
Fargo, ND
“Bill and his team have been a great resource for me in the advancement of my dental practice. He has consistently given me great advice on topics ranging from questions about staffing issues, integration of a new associate as well as the acquisition and integration of an outside dental practice into my own. Bill also helped me through a major PPO transition. I would recommend him without hesitation.”
Dr Ross Hock
Canton, Michigan
“APM knows the Dental Market and what works in the rural areas. They has a common sense approach.”
Dr. Cindy Drost-Sandy
Warroad, MN
“Bill sees the big picture. Our new patients are up. Matt and Shelly have been very helpful, too. I recommend their services to anyone.”
Greg Kaake
Duluth, MN
“I’ve been through other consultants but in my opinion Rossi and his crew are the best. They’re not cookie cutter consultants. They developed a plan based on our particular resources and culture. We got the results they promised.”
Dr. Bob Maley
St. Paul, MN
“Shelly is a good listener and has a good sense of staff issues. She has a strong experience base to draw from and customizes solutions in a way that work for us. She helps us keep our balance.”
Dr. Jim Wachlarowicz
Sauk Centre, MN
“I have two busy offices that Matt has helped me organize. Very helpful advice anytime I ask.”
Dr. Chris Turman
Wishek, ND
“Bill and Shelly are two of the best consultants in the country.”
Dr. Woody Oaks
Excellence in Dentistry
“Thank you and your great staff for all of your special help through all these years. I could not have accomplished all I have without your help.”
Dr. Roger Bisbey
Rochester, MN
“Heidi was recently to our office, Park River Dental, for another inservice. Any time Heidi has visited, she has been professional, informative, stayed on track, and also compassionate. I visited with her about an occurrence that was happening. She so tactfully brought up the subject to render some discussion. Did not skip a beat and make it appear as if it was an item she had prepared to discuss. Very Impressive. Heidi listens to each of us attentively. Great asset to your business. Thumps up!!”
Susan, RDH
Park River, ND
“Since hiring Matt at Advanced Practice Management, my practice has doubled in size. I really appreciate the advice.”
Dr. Scott Hansen
Charles City, IA
“I first worked with Matt as an associate for another Doctor. I hired him after I purchased my own practice and still have him on board. Respects my staff and provides excellent info.”
Dr. James Johnson
Fargo, ND
"Our office has worked with APM for over a decade. Being both clinic and administration staff over the years, all of the individuals within the firm have given our office and staff great direction, not only from a financial aspect but also how we interact with our patients. From how to handle uncomfortable conversations to simply making conversations a smooth process, they have helped guide our business into a practice I am very proud to be a part of. There are many behind the scenes processes that make a business run smooth and I can confidently say they are knowledgeable in all. It has been a pleasure having APM work with our office."
Trish, Office Manager
Dental Health Clinic - New Ulm, MN
"Brooke helped us with proper coding and how to schedule/structure hygiene and perio appointments. APM has great content and is wonderful in helping to streamline our systems and get the whole team on board. You guys do a great job!"
Dr. Lisa Johnson
"The case studies were a great way to work on staging/grading. I think everything discussed was helpful. Thoughtful and focused information curated for what your practice needs at the time."
Meghan, RDH
"I enjoyed getting to break down procedures. I felt the meeting went well and cannot think of anything that I would have liked more on! It was a nice refresher. I would recommend working with Brooke as she was very helpful and was a good buffer to those who maybe don’t share the same ideas."
Alexis Kostad, RDH
Madison Dental Care
“Bill's matter of fact, straightforward, and experienced advice was very helpful. Our office has benefited nicely."
Stephanie, Office Manager
Just Smiles Dentistry in Hilliard, OH
“Bill helped us navigate the PPO insurance picture. This saved us money in the form of reduced write offs and helped us get a better handle on things generally.”
Dr. Shauna Gammage
Decatur, GA
“Bill Rossi was referred to me by a colleague that is a huge proponent of FFS dentistry where it is about quality of care not the quantity of care. That referral was the first step in getting my practice, and me, to achieve some goals I had set a long time ago. Bill systematically went through a ton of information and determined that we were in fact ready for the next step and that moving in a FFS direction wouldn’t be practice suicide. Then he laid out the steps I needed to take on a timeline. Finally, he came in and coached my entire team on how to go through with our transition, deal with patient concerns effectively. We were well prepared and then he stood in the background and coached us from afar when various little questions/issues arose. Overall, thanks to Bill and his team, we are almost 100% FFS!!! (We choose to stay in-network with 2 insurers for personal reasons.) We have managed to effectively navigate the muddy waters and come out on the other side practicing dentistry the way we WANT to practice dentistry. Thank you, Bill!!!”
Dr. Tina Theroux
North Grafton, MA
“By careful analysis, Bill took the emotion out of the decision and showed us angles we had not thought of. We were able to significantly reduce write offs on a couple of the plans we participated with which certainly helps the bottom line.”
Dr. Smaltz
Newnan Georgia
“Bill’s advice helped us through two PPO transitions. Like most Dentists would be, I was a little nervous about doing this but it has worked out well. Collections are up by thousands per month.”
Dr. David Parks
Clinton, MS
“Every time the team from APM tells me I’m going to grow and then set a target, we hit it. It’s like magic! They do it all at a pace that we want, and everything is based on our philosophy.”
Dr. Pink
“Our group practice has worked with APM for many years. During the day to day grind it’s easy to get lost in teeth, but APM keeps us on point from a business and systems standpoint. Plus, Bill is a true idea man, he always offers a fresh perspective and new ideas to help us grow and improve, and that’s something I really appreciate. Year in year out he keeps us moving forward.”
Jake Peters
Rochester, MN
"With Bill's help we haven't had any significant problems with the PPO transition. It is going well"
Dr Anthony Skiadas
Smilebuilderz, Lancaster Pa.
“Have you ever seen the look on a small child’s face when you try to gently take away their security blanket? Eyes widen in horror and their grip tightens even more. I believe most dentists [and office managers – that’s me] feel the same way when first considering going out of network with an insurance company. The blanket is frayed and doesn’t smell so good [write-offs are so big you lose money on every patient], but the loss is too scary to think about…. Or is it? After being in network with one particular insurance company for 12 years and experiencing exactly ONE increase in what they paid us [not on all codes, just some fillings for about $.25 per filling – yep, that’s 25 CENTS] we were looking for a way out. I hated watching my highly trained and excellent practitioner husband working harder and harder for less and less. The smartest move we made in our bid for independence was to contact Bill Rossi of Advanced Practice Management. We sent reports, details about our practice, investigated which employers used which insurances, and then more reports. The FBI could take lessons from Bill! But because of his thoroughness in finding out about our practice, he could tell us that he believed we would not only survive but do very well out of network with that company. Then he visited our office and walked our team through what to do, say, expect. Had we attempted it on our own, we would have made some serious mistakes in our approach to patients. Seven months later I can honestly say we are doing at least fine. The vast majority of our patients have stayed with the practice and it turns out for most plans the insurance company pays really close to our fees. We are so glad we made this choice. Letting go of the in-network security blanket isn’t easy, but Bill will get you through it just fine.”
Deborah Parr
office manager, Dr Olan Parr Culpepper Va.
“Bill helped us significantly increase our insurance allowances. His advice at a key juncture of practice transition has been very helpful.”
Dr. Jim Tomhave
Cloquet, MN
“I first met Bill Rossi when I read an amazing article he wrote for the McGill Hill newsletter. Even tho I am not in his part of the country I was impressed and Bill agreed to talk with me. We ended up working with Bill on several things, one being transitioning out of a PPO which is always a very scary thing to do. He held our hands and walked us through the process. The results have been impressive, we collect more and work less and have more time to fit fee for service patients into the schedule. Whenever I have a question or need a solution to a problem Bill and his team are always very responsive and have excellent suggestions for me and help with how to implement. I depend on and trust his expertise.”
Lis Bradley
Lisbeth S Bradley DDS
“So happy with Matt. I just wish we would have known about him earlier.”
Dr. Amy Reis
Cresco, IA
“We worked with Bill Rossi to leave a PPO and it reduced our discounts significantly. We did not have any serious loss of patients and continued to grow through the transition.”
Dr. Bob Boyat
“I can always count on Matt for the answers. He has been a fantastic addition to our team.”
Dr. Mike Pederson
Walker, MN
“Matt has helped me from systems management through associate transition. He knows the North Dakota Market.”
Dr. Caron Berg
Valley City, ND
“Advanced Practice Management and Bill Rossi have provided excellent long-term advice. They have a proven track record in helping advance the qualities of our practice.”
Dr. Tom Weisbecker
Sioux Falls, SD
“After I purchased a practice, I hired Matt. In the first year, with his help we blew away all of our goals. Looking forward to next year!”
Dr. Ryon Reckling
Sioux Falls, SD
“We look forward to every meeting with Matt. He relates extremely well with my staff.”
Dr. Eric Recker
Pella, IA