This code was created, in part, to give periodontists an exam/evaluation code. General Dentists are held to the same standard of care as Periodontists, and since a complete periodontal exam (CPE) for all adult patients is recommended annually, utilizing code D0180 (Comprehensive Periodontal Evaluation) can and should be utilized in general dental practices. It is […]

WHAT IS YOUR JOB? What is it that you do?

You’re not just a dentist, therapist, assistant, hygienist or administrative team member. You are in the business of creating longer, healthier and happier lives. And you get to do that every day! What a privilege. Sometimes it is easy to overlook the difference you are making while dealing with the challenges of practice ownership and […]


Prior to beginning the assessment portion of the hygiene appointment, it is essential to explain to the patient what you will be doing and why. This allows the patient to be a part of the decision-making process and will aid in treatment acceptance. “I’m measuring the natural space between your tooth and gums in millimeters […]

YOUR HYGIENE BACKLOG – A Serious and Expensive Problem:

We are seeing this all the time in our office visits; New patients may have to wait months to get in for a check-up and it’s very difficult to schedule Perio patients in a timely manner that represents the urgency and necessity of treating their infection. Also, recall is backlogged with little or no pursuit […]