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The Practice X-Factor

The McGill Advisory Drilling It Down Webcast February 2021

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Shelly Ryan’s, “Understanding Dental Insurance, Coding and Claims” from the Madow Brothers Online CE from 2016

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Making The Right Moves with PPOs with Bill Rossi:

Bill Rossi
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The Navigating Dental Insurance Podcast

Episode 24: Identifying how and when to drop a PPO with Bill Rossi

Buffet of Tactical/Ethical Measures for Growth

Dr Woody Oakes interviews Mr. Bill Rossi Dr Woody Oakes interviews Mr. Bill Rossi Part 2

Practical, Tactical Growth & Profitability:

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Part One

Open Techniques to Get Consistently Great Results Growth Traps and Hygiene Catch 22. How “Time Off” Affects the Practice. Technology for Auto Confirming. Getting New Patients. Who’s Retiring? Capacity Problems. Why Is September Bad? [/column] [column md=”6″]

Part Two

Management Systems. Cost Control. Growth Through Capacity. Growth Through Cycling Up. The Flouride Factor. Marketing— Use What Works! The Checklist. Office Manager. You Can Interview Bill, Too. [/column] [/row]

Associates: The Who, What, When, Why & Where:

Dr. Richard H. Madow Interviews Bill Rossi:

Where To Find An Associate. Reasons For An Associate. Good Reasons For An Associate and Some Bad Ones, Too. How To Find An Associate. Keeping The Associate Happy. Associate Relationship Maintenance.

Clinical Calibration:

Dr. Richard H. Madow Interviews Bill Rossi:

EMO Scale. (Episodic, Maintenance & Optimal Patients.) Clinical Calibration. How Much Is Possible. Preliminary Look. Increase Production Without Any Costs.

The Insurance Exorist:

Dr. Richard H. Madow Interviews Bill Rossi:

Home Of Ice, Snow & PPOs. When To Drop Delta. Replacing The Ex-Clients. Won’t the Patients Be Mad? Getting The Staff On Board. The New Patient Phone Call. The Two Most Underused Words.

Statistics That Matter & Some That Don’t

Dr. Richard H. Madow Interviews Bill Rossi:

The Independent Practitioner Moving The Statistics: Pick One And Lean On It (DIY Analysis) What To Track Statistics Can Improve Quality Of Care When You’re Already Busy How To Use The Capacity Statistic