A happy productive associate can add greatly to the bottom line and your peace of mind. Of course, it also might be an important part of your eventual practice transition.

The most common reason associate-ships fail is because the junior Doctor is not busy enough or productive enough. We’ll see this happen in cases where there is plenty of business but somehow it just doesn’t make it into the associate schedule. Or the associate doesn’t know how to pick up his or her efforts to really contribute to the practice.

A new graduate out of dental school should produce $300-$400 per hour. With the right management moves and coaching, the associate could quickly get to $400-$500 per hour. This greatly adds to their income and profitability.

Almost every Doctor that has had an associate has asked themselves, “Am I making money on this thing or not?” We can make sure you do…and, more importantly, make sure that your associate succeeds!

You Name It, We’ve Dealt With It!

We are involved in the on-going management of over 250 Upper Midwest practices. Each month data on over $30,000,000 worth of dental activity hits our desk. Over the years we have helped our clients sort out personnel problems, make very smart moves when dealing with insurance companies and PPO’s, get a handle on their overhead, bring in more new patients and build quality practices.

Most importantly, we take an ethical approach to things. We do not pressure or manipulate our clients. We do not ask our clients to pressure or manipulate their patients. We aren’t canned and we don’t ask you to take a canned approach. We put you first just like you put your patients first. We know that successful practices focus on delivering the best possible care and experience for the patients and then busyness, profitability and other virtues of practice happen as a matter of course.

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