All of us are aware that over the years, PPOs rarely give increases and those that do are rather meager. Meanwhile, reality marches on in dental offices where, especially post Covid, expenses like PPE, wages, etc. have gone up. But even before Covid, clearly PPO fee increases were not at all keeping up with the cost of doing business.

Take a look at what you’re getting from the PPOs. Note how they match up to fees historically. My company has been doing fee surveys for over 30 years, so we thought you might find this interesting. (These fees were from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and pretty representative of the national averages.)

STANDARD FEE SURVEYS (Doctor, compare to your current PPO fee allowances)

Many PPO fee reimbursements are at the 2002 level. That was over 20 years ago! Some of the PPO fees you get may be from before the turn of the century!