Most often this is why Dentists first contact us. The Doctors feel good about the Dentistry they do, the relationship they have with their patients and their practice in general, but things have just been stagnating. The practice no longer grows like it use to. Overhead is pinching a bit. Aggravating little issues start to mount up such as:

In some of these situations, the statistics can be amazingly flat. It’s not uncommon to see a practice that averages 14 new patients per month this year, averaged 13.5 the year before and 14.2 the year before that…in other words amazingly consistent. Stagnant or stable depending on how you look at it. After a while, to most Doctors it starts to look stagnant! Particularly if you don’t feel that you’re busy enough to be at full capacity. Typically, Doctors in this situation feel that they are about 80% as busy as they’d like to be. So, the hidden “cost” is the undone production that could be done if the Doctor had enough patients in the schedule.

You Name It, We’ve Dealt With It!

We are involved in the on-going management of over 250 Upper Midwest practices. Each month data on over $30,000,000 worth of dental activity hits our desk. Over the years we have helped our clients sort out personnel problems, make very smart moves when dealing with insurance companies and PPO’s, get a handle on their overhead, bring in more new patients and build quality practices.

Most importantly, we take an ethical approach to things. We do not pressure or manipulate our clients. We do not ask our clients to pressure or manipulate their patients. We aren’t canned and we don’t ask you to take a canned approach. We put you first just like you put your patients first. We know that successful practices focus on delivering the best possible care and experience for the patients and then busyness, profitability and other virtues of practice happen as a matter of course.

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