“Our experience with Matt has been positive and eye opening. The many small adjustments he’s helped us make have made our practice less stressful and more fun, without being invasive or difficult. Our staff has really enjoyed working with him and we look forward to every visit.”
Dr. Meaghan Neuberger
Sioux Falls, SD
“Shelly came highly recommended by two of my colleagues. She helped my practice with the patient flow and patient education among other things but not in a high pressure sales way! With Shelly’s help, we grew and expanded to double our capacity in under two years and helped me enjoy dentistry again.”
Dr. Shandra Rosenfeldt
Fargo, ND
“Never a dull moment working with Matt. I trust him to advise me on my business. What else can I say?!”
Dr. Chad Brown
Sheldon, IA
“Robyn has been to our office a few times to help with Marketing and Front Desk. She actually drove to our office in a snowstorm to go with me to the businesses in town to hand out goody bags and a promotional letter. She also came to share ideas with our front desk after a long time employee retired. Robyn has a lot of useful information concerning Eaglesoft and how to properly use some of the reports, and to run ones that we hadn’t known about. She has been my “go to” person if I have questions. I love working with Robyn and hope to continue as I get more involved in Marketing for our office.”
Barb Huiras, Office Administrator
New Ulm, MN
“Answers are only a phone call away. APM has helped us set up and reach goals and they let us know what’s happening in the dental community. My production has increased $100,000 per year for the last six years with Bill’s help.”
Dr. Todd McGovern
Fergus Falls, MN
“Bill Rossi’s advise on insurance-related topics has worked very well. Our work with him has added many 1000s of dollars to our bottom line.”
Dr. Joseph Gendler
Hopkins, MN
We have had Sheila working our delinquent accounts for several years. We have been very satisfied with the results she obtains. She stays on top of accounts and gives us reports in a timely manner. We have never received any complaints from our patients with regards to her contacting them. She uses tact and is always pleasant.”
Associated Dentists of River Falls, River Falls, WI
“I tried an expensive big name consulting firm from out-of-state. I got much better results with Advanced Practice Management. They understand this area, and their programs are tailored to my practice, not canned.”
“Matt’s High-Octane Tune-Up is a must for all dentists who are looking to bring their practices to the next level. Overall attitudes and production are up much higher than expected!”
Dr. Kurt Albright
Fosston, MN
“I thought I knew how to run a practice until I met Bill Rossi. He taught me how to interpret numbers so that we could make changes that would influence the practice.”
Dr. Gilly Calcagno
Rochester, MN
“Matt re-energized our office. His “Patient Centered” approach to treatment has renewed the staff’s enthusiasm and has been noticed by our patients. Thanks to his tutelage and the increase in office revenues, we no longer work Fridays!”
Dr. Troy Schmitz
St. Cloud, MN
“You are always there to answer my questions about tough personnel situations. Your approach is more individualized without a cookbook formula. You just seem more genuinely savvy than most consultants. Thanks.”
Dr. Betsy Ramsey
Minneapolis, MN
“An excellent wealth of knowledge about the business side of dentistry in Minnesota. A great yardstick by which to measure how our practice is doing compared to the numbers. I have gone to many seminars and listened to tapes and realized that Advanced Practice Management is very up-to-date and flexible in their philosophy. They are very willing to customize a program that fits with any dentist’s own philosophy.”
Dr. Jerry Appeldoorn
Northfield, MN
“A single idea brought us an additional 170 new patients last year. They help make things happen!”
Dr. Bill Kotonias
Brooklyn Center, MN
“Seminars in practice management are so overwhelming in volume and drastic ideas. Advanced Practice Management picks from their knowledge and others to figure out what will work best for you in your own type of practice.”
Dr. Roger Bisbey
Rochester, MN
“Bill has great depth of knowledge in Dental Practice Management. He is a respected colleague, friend, and one of the few non-dentist practice consultants I’d recommend.” Subscribe to Dr. Levitt’s FeedBurner.
Dr. Mayer Levitt
Jodena Consulting, Providence, Rhode Island
“I’ve been very fortunate to experience good practice growth even through a Delta transition. Bill Rossi’s advice has been very helpful over the years and I strongly recommend his consulting services.”
Dr. Michael Gallagher
Eden Prairie, MN
“I appreciate so very much what you have done for my practice and for my peace of mind. I think our gains have been substantial and I credit the change to you and what you have done for me.”
Dr. John Gorton
Staples, MN
“Matt is motivating for the entire staff. We all look forward to his visits. Great results.”
Dr. Dennis Hulbert
Crystal Falls, MI
“They sometimes take us out of our comfort zone but when we act on their advice, we improve.” “We have utilized Sheila’s services for 1½ years. In the past we always had great intentions of better managing our own AR. However, it is a job that no one in the office enjoys and easily ignored. Once we connected with Sheila we had a low cost alternative to adding another part time team member. We are very satisfied with Sheila’s service and professionalism. Sheila has good results with a very “soft” touch. I would recommend Sheila to any office.”
Dr. Anthony Hilleren
Benson, MN
“Thank you for your excellent advice about technology in the office and how not to buy equipment. “About 4 years ago I was at a digital seminar at the Chicago midwinter and the presenter recommended several Installers nationwide, and Ted was one of them. We talked and he looked at the plans of the office, and afterwards and decided that the costs at that time outweighed the benefits. Ted’s honest advice saved me thousands.”
Dr. Rich Capp
Anoka, MN
“Sheila is absolutely wonderful to work with. Her approach to our patients is done with “kindness” and consistency. She’s compassionate in her dealings with her clients, and professional. I would highly recommend her to other offices in helping to retrieve past due balances. The work is thorough and her communication with me is excellent.”
Marsha L. Hansen
Office Manager, St. Cloud, MN
“Hiring Matt was the second best thing I’ve done for my practice, second only to hiring my hygienist.”
Dr. John Utoft
Tyler, MN
“Since hiring Advanced Practice Management, my production and collections have quadrupled.”
Dr. Bill Dunbar
Glencoe, MN
“Shelly’s communication style is effective for our business team. She gets information to them in a way that makes them feel comfortable, creates good relationships and, because of this, gets results.”
Mr. Bill Boles
Office Manager, Sauk Rapids, MN
“I would tell anyone that wanted more out of their practice (more production, smoother days, more income, whatever is important to them) and are serious about it, that Bill Rossi can be a big help.”
Dr. Tom Schoeneberger
Glencoe, MN
“We’ve worked with Matt for well over a dozen years. He has helped our practice grow tremendously. Always tailored, never canned advice.”
Dr. James Zenk
Montevideo, MN
“We received your note and I wanted to acknowledge the years of expert advice you provided. Without a doubt, the analysis and golden nuggets you provided during regular phone conversations and in-office meetings helped propel my office to reduced write-offs percentages, increased dollars of both production and collections and significant growth. I truly apprecia te your consult ing knowledge and the straight forward methods you and your team used for us over the years. RegardS~ Paul D. Amble, DDS.”
Dr. Paul Amble
St. Paul, MN
“Matt has helped us from office organization through associate transitions. I’m a big fan!”
Dr. Chris Bogue
Caroll, IA
“APM’s help has been extremely helpful in streamlining and prioritizing our marketing and new patient efforts. They explain things clearly and helps us keeps on top of things we need to do to build a solid internet presence and effective new patient welcome. They work hard and does a terrific job!”
Dr. Craig Rathjen
Blaine, MN
“Shelly and the team provide helpful suggestions, keep us on track and reign us in when we start to falter.”
Dr. Mari Bellmont
Eagan, MN
“Bill Rossi and his staff have been invaluable. They have the ability to lend insight into the market place and provide useful feedback on what can help your practice most. I have enjoyed working with Kelly. She has a wealth of knowledge about social media and the use of online media to support and bolster your practice. I would recommend APM to anyone.”
Dr. Pascal Dalseth
Apple Valley, MN
“You guys work so hard to help us dentists get good reviews that I thought it high time we send kudos to you. We got our end of year numbers back this morning and if not for the advice given by Advanced Practice Management, I’m convinced we’d have far worse numbers for the bottom line we were up from last year! So thanks from us at St Francis Dental Care.”
Dr. Kurt Huether
St. Francis, MN
“You can count on Matt’s experience to answer difficult questions and problem solve. Over the past ten years “we’ll ask Matt” has become a common phrase in our office.”
Dr. Ken McDougall
Jamestown, ND
“After purchasing a practice, I hired APM to help us set up and modernize our business systems. With their help we have experienced good growth in new patients and everything else!”
Dr. Roy Krengel
Bloomington, MN
“We can thank Matt for creating most of our systems as well as the “culture” at Great River Dental.”
Dr. Jeff Rozinka
St. Paul, MN
“Advanced Practice Management’s energy and enthusiasm is hard to match. They come up with new, up-to-date ideas, yet tried and tested in other offices, and presents it to the staff in an upbeat format.”
Dr. George Wellner
Bemidji, MN
“Matt’s incredibly motivating. He has helped our practice immensely.”
Drs. Murray and Beth Greer
Minot, ND
“I would not be where I am today without APM’s help. Thank you for the good advice.”
Dr. Keith Abrahamson
Chanhassen, MN
“Thank you, Bill, for allowing me access to your newsletter and your wealth of information! I always glean useful and practical data from your team. Truly, I appreciate the relationship we have had in the past and we will continue to have in the future. I feel that you all provide a valuable service and commitment to the dentists of Minnesota and we all are better off for your dedication to our industry.”
Dr. Timothy Flor
Waseca, MN
“We learned great languaging skills from Shelly! We always have options and do not have to tell our patients no.”
Sapna at Boger Dental
Plymouth, MN
“I just thought I’d let you know how valuable you have been to our practice. You have facilitated many changes in the way our office functions and we have achieved steady improvement in our profitability without changing our basic office personality which displays a genuine concern for our patients. These are some of the changes that stand out. -Increasing the profitability of the hygiene department. -Implementing skills to reduce accounts receivable by more than 100%. Increasing up front payments from 20% to 40%. Implementing consistent finance arrangements and using outside credit sources. -Improving staff efficiencies and teamwork. -Utilizing practice data to implement change. Thanks again for your skills, insights and ability to work with me and my staff. I look forward to our continuing relationship. I know our practice will become even better.”
Dr. Ron Evenson
Houston, MN
“We love the material and the results we’ve gotten with Matt’s help. Great ideas, better follow through.”
Dr. Tom Hauge
Osceola, WI
“Thank you, Kelly, for your contributions in creating our new website. Your expertise proved invaluable from the start! To use a dental analogy: Great River Dentistry’s web presence was in need of better function as well as some esthetic adjustments. You explained the diagnosis in a complete and understandable manner. With great care you shared with my daughter, Baret, and me what options were available and what reasonable expectations could be derived from different courses of therapy (modify old website, create new site or do nothing). With our understanding of the issues at hand you guided us through the maze of potential strategies and website developers giving us the benefits of each. For the treatment phase, Kelly, thank you for embracing my suggestion that we consider Russell Herder as the facilitator of the project. Neil James and Emily Halva at Russell Herder each independently expressed their appreciation of your working knowledge of the interface between information technology and dentistry. At Great River Dentistry, we are very pleased with our new website and I thank you, Kelly, for your continued guidance and support through this project.”
Dr. Doug Williams
Bemidji, MN
“Very happy with Matt. Great ideas, great results, tailored to my office.”
Dr. Sandy Parrott
Port Huron, MI
“Really, really applies to my everyday work. Definitely recommended to other offices.”
Mary Ann Grooters
“We had a phenomenal production total — one of the best the office has ever had. I really feel like all the things you’ve worked on with us are paying off, and our patients are benefiting, as well as the staff.”
Dr. Lisa Johnson
Grand Rapids, MN
“I have been out of the Delta network for years and my practice had stagnated. Bill and his staff got us revved up again and we have now experienced two years of solid growth.”
Dr. Mike Wolf
Columbia Heights, MN
“Before hiring Matt, one of my goals was a happy well-paid staff. Production and collections are way up. Everyone is happy and excited about the future.”
Dr. Sue Dullard
Big Fork, MN
“Knowing that APM works with many other dental practices in the area has helped me feel secure and comfortable with our protocols and procedures. It allows me to sleep at night.”
Dr. Dean Erickson
“Shelly Ryan trained me for my first position at the front desk. She was patient, fun and positive. She knows how to work with people. As an office manager now I continue to value her ability and knowledge.”
Tina Funari
Office Manager, Maplewood, MN
“APM is terrific, just what we needed to jump-start something we had kept putting off for years. Their insights and knowledge are refreshing and their time with our office gave us a new level of enthusiasm. Subsequent visits have kept us on track, given us the chance for further clarification, saved us time, and was worth every minute.”
Bill Boles
Office Manager, Sauk Rapids, MN
“Working with Bill Rossi and the APM team has completely changed the future of my practice. In the first year, my production increased by 28%, and the office ran much more smoothly. the results have far outweighed our expectations. Hiring APM was, by far, the best decision I have made for my practice.”
Dr. Jennifer Herbert
Minneapolis, MN
“From start up systems through associate transition, Matt’s been there for us. We had 20% growth our first year and have had great growth on top of that ever since.”
Dr. Ken McDougall
Jamestown, ND
“Matt knows the dental market and has a great sense on how to make things more efficient and productive.”
Dr. Craig Rude
Fergus Falls, MN
“Working with APM made my decisions regarding technology much easier. Their product and vendor knowledge simplified the process of getting bids and his reports outlining the long term cost of ownership allowed me to make an informed decision.”
Dr. Paul Roggow
Jackson, MN
“Our team was floating on air when you left. To have four intense but fun sessions with Advanced Practice Management and for them to see the improvement for the practice because of their efforts, this is priceless and they are very happy and proud. Thanks for you great work. I have been through many training sessions for several industries, automotive and dentistry, but you are by far the best that I have ever witnessed. Your ability to reach people and have fun at the same time is incredible. You have no equal.”
Dr. Julie Nyland
Sartell, MN
“APM gives very practical advice, tailored to my practice. Not a recipe. Shelly works well with my team and we have implemented realistic ideas from the stats. Their fees are reasonable and we have gotten great outcomes.”
Dr. James Keller
Richfield, MN
“Shelly is very upbeat, gives the team a boost when we need it, (sometimes even if we don’t want it!) and is available as a day to day resource. She helps us focus on areas that get put by the wayside. Meetings include everyone and help with teamwork. The monthly reports are valuable as well.”
Marilyn - Practice Manager
Long Prairie Dental Care
“Matt delivers, no question about it! He knows his way around a dental office and anticipates problem areas before they happen. From office systems to associate transitions, I trust him.”
Dr. Mike Toninato
Prescott, WI
“With Bill and his team’s help we significantly reduced PPO write offs and grew our practice. He delivered as promised.”
Dr. Christian Block
Monticello, MN
“We would like to thank you for the great year. Things have really turned around for our office. The advice offered has been sound, easy to implement, and the results have been outstanding. The most important thing is to actually follow your recommendation. When we do, great things happen! Your advice works so well because it fits perfectly with the culture we strive to create for the care of our patients. All of the pieces fit together and we have a strong and dedicated team who really help make things click. We look forward to taking the next step in our growth model.”
Carrie Roberts, Office Administrator
Greenhaven Family Dental, Baxter, MN
“Thank you Shelly for a very productive and eventful day. You helped us push through some very important conversations and we are better off for it. Great guidance from all of you at APM! Kelly helped at the beginning of the day and Shelly at the end and beyond!”
Dr. Chad Boger
Plymouth MN
“In the time we have been working with Advanced Practice Management we have seen great results and really have appreciated their team approach at setting and achieving goals. Kelly has been extraordinarily helpful in garnering a strong marketing effort and possesses a wealth of knowledge with all aspects of marketing both internal and external. Bill has been wonderful with the team and they are highly motivated by his ideas and believe in his philosophy. Our team is enthused about the opportunity to set higher goals both professionally and personally and with the help of Advanced Practice Management they are confident they will see these through to fruition.”
Dr. Carey Tri
Farmington, MN
“Matt’s the best! Very upbeat. Great Information over the years.”
Dr. Ed Anderson
Jamestown, ND
“Matt’s the best! Very upbeat. Great Information over the years.”
Dr. Perry Sarle
Jamestown, ND
“I think most dentists have a lot of trepidation when it comes to freeing themselves of the restraints of dental insurance. It’s difficult to remove the emotion from the decision-making process, but Bill Rossi was able to do that for me. He will objectively analyze your situation and shoot straight with you on the best way to proceed, based on his many years of experience.”
Dr. Perry Sarle
Lewis Center, OH
“Kelly has helped us to organize our web strategy. She has the ability to convey the technical aspects of the Internet in a way that anyone can understand. She is really down to earth and easy to work with and our time together has been very productive. I find Shelly’s services with Advanced Practice Management to be enthusiastic and very helpful, specifically on how to say things. She has a way of turning language into caring and concern. It makes it easier to communicate with patients. They (Advanced Practice Management) have excellent knowledge and ideas in regard to marketing, surveys and trends in the area.”
Dr. Doug Bauer
Eagan, MN
“Matt respects the staff and our philosophy! Integrates ideas and systems that fit our area and needs!”
Dr. Kapla
Bismarck, ND
“You cannot afford to be without the assistance of a good practice management consultant given today’s constantly changing healthcare marketplace. They are the best!”
Dr. Dan Ross
Norwood Young America, MN
“I would like to let Advanced Practice Management know that Sheila has been a blessing to our practice. She and I have been working together now for approximately two years. She has helped us tremendously in our collection process. Together we have changed a few things that has helped both my job and hers for the better. Sheila has a great step by step process that she uses for our collection process. I know she is very friendly with our patients as being a gentle reminder of their outstanding accounts. We have noticed great progress with her and she is wonderful to work with. Thank you Sheila.”
Central Park Dentistry, Mason City, IA
“Advanced Practice Management’s energy and enthusiasm is hard to match. They come up with new, up-to-date ideas, yet tried and tested in other offices and presents it to the staff in an upbeat format. They have ideas which work in the real world.”
Dr. Richard Timm
Oakdale, MN
“Very informative and interesting.”
Sara Brown
“Shelly is a very informative and interesting speaker. She keeps information rolling without a dull moment. Great new ideas!”
About Shelli Hesselroth: “Your professionalism and warm heartedness is a perfect combination that makes you a top-notch tutor. I feel confident that I will be able to master the skills needed for the task ahead of me thanks to you.”
Kristine Kaake
Duluth, MN
“Kelly was very helpful in supporting our online presence. I appreciated her vast knowledge in regards to what we needed for our website and what needed to be done to help us to stay competitive.”
Dr. Michael Ling
Blaine, MN
“Over the years, Matt has helped us tremendously with our practice.”
Dr. Dan Axvig
Bismarck, ND
“Impressive piece of work by Marv. It shines.” Dr. Karl Berg “Awesome job Marv. Love it!” Dr. Michael Skramstad
Drs. Karl Berg and Mike Skramstad
Orono, MN
“Impressive piece of work by Marv. It shines.” Dr. Karl Berg “Awesome job Marv. Love it!” Dr. Michael Skramstad
Dr. Alan De Angelo
Homer Glen, IL
“Matt has been a great asset to our office over the years. Staff loves the meetings. His advice is tailored to our needs.”
Dr. Paul Hauge
Centuria, WI
“Hire Matt. This will be the best thing you’ve ever done for your practice!”
Drs. Chris Bogue & Cathy Tigges
Carroll, IA
“Hire Matt. This will be the best thing you’ve ever done for your practice!”
Drs. Chris Bogue & Cathy Tigges
Carroll, IA
“Sheila has made collecting past due accounts easy! She is very patient and understanding when handling the collection calls. She treats the people with respect but yet gets the job done! She understands that by working with people you are much more successful with collections. She has helped us reduce our A/R Ratio by over 20% and has helped to keep good patient/client relationships by taking out some of the “uncomfortable” conversations you may need to have sometimes. Simply give Sheila the information and she does the rest!”
Albert Lea Dental, Albert Lea, MN
“Matt has been a tremendous asset to our practice. Respects the staff and gets results.”
Drs. Doug Soseman & Ryan Bygness
Denison, IA
“One great meeting after another. Thanks, Matt.”
Morris, MN
Denison, IA
“We tried a big name outside consulting firm and we were not impressed. Matt and APM were exactly what we needed.”
Dr. Flodin
Stillwater, MN
“Reinforces the importance of teamwork and kindness.”
Rosemary McDougall
Jamestown, ND
“I just had to email you and say what a huge asset Heidi is for your business. Every time she is here I learn something new and she is always available for an email or a phone call. I emailed her yesterday pertaining to an insurance question and instead of emailing me back she called me and walked me through it. This is not the first time she has done that. She is the best and I appreciate her!”
Alison Godfrey
Office Coordinator - Weber Family Dentistry