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The dental journals frequently publish articles by us or about us. We’ve gathered some of them here for your reference.


Building Trust in Dentistry Takes Time, Effort, and Work
By Brooke Ackerman, MSDH

Communication Skills for Dental Professionals: Do You Hear Me Now?
By Brooke Ackerman, MSDH

Co-Diagnoses: How Dental Hygienists’ Input Strengthens Dentists’ Oral Health Goals
By Brooke Ackerman, MSDH

How Clinical Calibration Helps Clarify Dental Treatments
By Brooke Ackerman, MSDH



Four Ways to Add to Your Practice’s Value
By Bill Rossi






Dental Economics

PPOs? Doctor, you have more power than you think
During the last 17 years, the situation for practices has only become worse. For example, the average collection percentage in our area (the upper Midwest) is 82%. This means that doctors are working two months per year for free! And, during the last 15 years, there certainly has not been a reduction in wages, equipment, supplies, or rent.

The Seasonality Of Dentistry
Don’t fight the seasons. Instead, use them to your advantage! (Read article)

Cutting Out The PPOs
Ending your affiliation with PPOs doesn’t have to shortchange practice growth, but handling it poorly can be a killer!  (Read article)

A gap exists between what dentists can do for their patients and what the patients choose to do.

The Profitable Dentist

Transitioning to a Stronger More Profitable Practice
Chances are you, like most dentists, are writing off, e.g. not collecting, $10,000, $20,000 or more each month due to PPO write offs. These thousands of dollars are coming right off your bottom line and are likely to be your largest business “expense” after wages or maybe even greater than wages…

You to PPO’s “Deal or no Deal”
By Bill Rossi

PPO Strategies: Doctors, It’s Time to Push Back on PPO’s
By: Bill Rossi

10 Things You Need to Know About You and PPOs
You have more power than you think.

PPO’s & Practice Transitions
Many factors to consider when purchasing a practice. PPO participation is now one of them. (Read article)

Don’t Be Proactive With PPOs
You can blow $1000s by acting too quickly. (Read article)

Associate Interview Questions
Hiring an associate is an important decision. Asking the right questions can help make sure it is a relationship that will last.
(Read article.)

Dental Health Month
The best promotional time of the year for Dentistry, with free, get-you-started brochure.

PPO Plays
A little strategizing can do a lot for your bottom line and your peace of mind. (Read article)

Management By Fear
Another component of success: courage.

You’re Going To Be Spending $50,000+.  So, Don’t Blow It!
For those who will be bringing digital technology to the operatories I have two main suggestions.

You’re Going To Be Spending $50,000+. (Part II: Result Control) (PDF)


Northwest Dentistry

Trends in Minnesota Dental Practices
Part I | Part II |

Woody Oaks Interview

Making the Right Moves With PPO’s
November 2013 Interview with Bill Rossi by Woody Oaks

McGill Advisory

The McGill Advisory Drilling It Down Webcast February 2021

On the February 2021 episode of Drilling It Down, co-hosts Wes Lyon and Jonathan Martin are joined by Bill Rossi of Advanced Practice Management. In this episode, they drill down the fundamentals of PPO participation. Highlights include:

  • You have more power than you think—patients like you for more than your network status!
  • How busyness plays a factor in PPO decision-making (and so does the stage of your career)
  • Why evaluating your PPO participation is so important and the impact it can have on your bottom line
  • The importance of accurately tracking PPO write-offs—which are in essence a marketing expense
  • Ideas to fortify and build your practice to reduce the need for PPO participation
  • What is the single factor that drives new patients to your practice?
  • The risks and rewards involved

How to Right Size Your Administrative Staff For Increased Profitability
Is your practice profitability suffering due to excessive front desk labor costs? Possibly your staff is doing the wrong tasks or doing them in the wrong way. Or are you leaving dollars on the table because your front desk is stretched too thin? Below, practice management expert Bill Rossi explains how to analyze your practice’s front desk effectiveness and the steps to take to increase profitability.

Managed Care Update (PDF) (HTML)

5 More Ways To Boost Profits While Dropping Managed Care (PPO) Plans

7 Steps To Boost Your Practice Profits While Reducing Managed Care (PPOs)

The C&A Advantage

PPO Plays for Dentists

Part 1: January 15 – 2017 (PDF) (HTML)
Part 2: February 1 – 2017 (PDF) (HTML)