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Add Thousands more $’s to your bottom line.
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We have helped scores of clients gain $10,000+ per month in collections through the right PPO plays. Find out the right PPO play for you!

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The right “Plays” with PPO’s can have a substantial impact on you bottom line. No one has deeper experiences in dealing with the PPO issues than Bill Rossi and his team at Advanced Practice Management.

If you are considering joining a PPO, leaving a PPO, or are beginning the process of negotiating with PPO’s, call us. No contracts, no hype, just straight-forward advice.

Cutting Out The PPOs
Ending your affiliation with PPOs doesn’t have to shortchange practice growth, but handling it poorly can be a killer!  (Read article)

PPO Plays
A little strategizing can do a lot for your bottom line and your peace of mind. (Read article)

When and How to drop a PPO by Bill Rossi & Steve Pauley “Excellence in Dentistry”

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10 Things You Need to Know About You and PPOs

By Bill Rossi

1. You have more power than you think.

2. Practices with little or no PPO participation generally do get fewer new patients. However, practices deep into PPO participation do not get proportionally more new patients as they take on more and more programs and more discounts.

3. Each practice has to find the “right balance” of PPO participation. When Dentists have complete control over their fees, most of them try to balance the fees so they aren’t too low or too high. In effect, moderating your PPO participation is like setting your fees.

4. Chances are that you are already seeing some patients out-of-network. For every PPO plan, there are providers both in and out of the network in your area. No insurance network, not even Delta, has 100% of providers in a given area.

5. Employers provide Dental insurance to make their employees happy. Of course, they want to save money, but their employees aren’t happy if they can’t see the provider they want to see.

Therefore, most insurance companies do not have “punitive” out-of-network benefits. In fact, for some, the out-of-network benefits are surprisingly good.

6. If you drop a PPO and your staff is properly trained, you will retain the majority of the PPO patients – unless the patients have no out-of-network benefits or very little out-of-network benefits.

7. Whenever dealing with insurance either as in-network or out-of-network providers, it’s important to accentuate the positive,

“The good news is that with your Delta policy, you can go to the Dentist of your choice…”

“We have many patients on this plan and in general things work out quite well.”

8. Some PPO fees can be negotiated. If you haven’t tried, there is a good chance you’ve left money on the table. It costs little to do this and the extra dollars are “free money.”

9. You can’t just leave PPOs without having a strategy. In other words, you must take measures to fortify the practice and build it up in the face of the inevitable patient attrition.

10. If you are collecting less than 80% of your Gross Production, you need to take a serious look at reducing PPO participation. Too often Dentists sign up for a plan too quickly and drop too rashly. There are thousands of dollars and many patients at stake. Make your decisions logically.

5 More Ways To Boost Profits While Dropping Managed Care (PPO) Plans

7 Steps To Boost Your Practice Profits While Reducing Managed Care (PPOs)

The C&A Advantage – PPO Plays for Dentists
Part 1: January 15 – 2017 (PDF) (HTML)
Part 2: February 1 – 2017 (PDF) (HTML)

Don’t Be Proactive With PPOs
You can blow $1000s by acting too quickly. (Read article)

PPO’s & Practice Transitions
Many factors to consider when purchasing a practice. PPO participation is now one of them. (Read article)

Dr Lee Fletcher, Greenville S.C
Dr Lee Fletcher“Bill analyzed my specific situation and showed me how to negotiate for my practice from a position of strength. He provided me with the knowledge and advice that I needed to manage my insurance relationships in a strategic manner for the long term success of my practice. Bill is a passionate advocate for the solo practitioner and has the knowledge to help you manage your practice in today’s complex environment.”
Lis Bradley - Lisbeth S Bradley DDS
Woody-Oakes2“I first met Bill Rossi when I read an amazing article he wrote for the McGill Hill newsletter. Even tho I am not in his part of the country I was impressed and Bill agreed to talk with me. We ended up working with Bill on several things, one being transitioning out of a PPO which is always a very scary thing to do. He held our hands and walked us through the process. The results have been impressive! Whenever I have a question or need a solution to a problem Bill and his team are always very responsive and have excellent suggestions for me and help with how to implement.
I depend on and trust his expertise.”
Dr Ross Hock, Canton, Michigan
Kaake“Bill and his team have been a great resource for me in the advancement of my dental practice. He has consistently given me great advice on topics ranging from questions about staffing issues, integration of a new associate as well as the acquisition and integration of an outside dental practice into my own. Bill also helped me through a major PPO transition. I would recommend him without hesitation.”
Roy Krengel DDS, Bloomington, MN
Kaake“I was dealing with a PPO that said they wouldn’t negotiate and wouldn’t pay me more. With the information and advise Bill gave me I was able to successful push
them and received a significant increase in reimbursement allowances.”
Andrew Olsson, DDS
Woody-Oakes2“Bill helped tremendously when I was struggling to find the right path for my practice. I am about 6 months in since our first conversations and we have made several big changes in the practice for the better. The experience Bill brings to the table helped me be confident in making these decisions. We have reduced our PPO participation considerably and will be adding an associate soon. Thanks Bill and APM!”
Dr William Poole, Leola, Pa
WilliamPoole“Bill, will be faxing (an unnamed here ppo) new fee proposal to you today. I got firm with them on Monday and they came up quite a bit. Thanks for the advice!”
Dr. Jim Tomhave, Cloquet, MN
Kaake“Bill helped us significantly increase our insurance allowances. His advice at a key juncture of practice transition has been very helpful.”
Dr. Joseph Gendler, Hopkins, MN
Kaake“Bill Rossi’s advise on insurance-related topics has worked very well. Our work with him has added many 1000s of dollars to our bottom line.”
Dr. Jeffrey Chandler, DDS Dentist - Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery, Elmhurst, IL
Kaake“Bill’s advice really helped me organize my approach to negotiating with and making decisions about PPO’s.”


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