Hire An Associate Or Drop Delta?

By Bill Rossi Sometimes dentists will be at a crossroads where they are at capacity. They are as busy or busier than they want to be. Their schedule is jammed up. It can be hard to fit in new patients. Hygiene help is hard to come by. And so on. At the same time, the […]

Top Errors In Dealing With PPOs

APRIL 2023 ISSUE APRIL 1, 2023 Source | By Bill Rossi With inflation running rampant, doctors have been hard-pressed to maintain their profitability. Unfortunately, the most commonly overlooked strategy is also the most lucrative—decreasing your practice’s participation in reduced-fee PPO plans. Below, practice management expert Bill Rossi* discusses six profit-robbing mistakes doctors routinely make and […]

What year is your PPO in?

All of us are aware that over the years, PPOs rarely give increases and those that do are rather meager. Meanwhile, reality marches on in dental offices where, especially post Covid, expenses like PPE, wages, etc. have gone up. But even before Covid, clearly PPO fee increases were not at all keeping up with the […]